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What Is The “Plug In And Profit Site” ?
(And why you should be interested !)


The Plug In And Profit Site, called PIPS for short. Uses five streams of income to generate
a profitable income. You can join all the programmes in the site, or you can just join the one.
It is flexible, and it really depends on your financial aspirations. Of course, you can join the
programmes independently, from  the PIPS system, and promote and learn each system separately,
however, the beauty of the PIPS system is that you have your
very own autoresponser, integrated into your PIPS membership, and you have your own
website (Like this) filled with your affiliate links.

All you have to do is promote your website and people will choose what to join.
The other great benefit, is that you get your very own series of e mails, absolutely free !
It is 400 e mails that last one year. This means that you can build your list
and not worry too much about what to communicate to your list.
(Although It is recommended that you contact them at least once per week, on top of
the  free newsletter they get to build trust with them).

This is why The Plug In and  Profit Site Works for me.
Here is an overview of the programmes :

Here Is A Overview Of The Five Programmes.


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